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  • How do I use this event to promote myself to College Coaches?
    1. Prior to the event, alert College Coaches that you are attending this event with other top players from the MW, and invite them to come and watch you compete against them. 2. At the event, communicate with College Coaches to get feedback on what you need to improve on as a player. Ask questions as you work with the coaches on the field. 3. During the recruiting education portion of the event, take notes and understand what tools you can use to communicate with College Coaches after the event. 4. After the event, use the online platform we provide to follow up with College Coaches that attended the event. Send your video/data to schools that were not able to attend via the online platform. 5.Be proactive! Use this event to communicate with Colleges about your interests before, during, and after. 6. Make a good impression! Coaches are connected. If one school is not a fit for you, it is guaranteed that the coach of that school knows 5 other schools that would be excited to have you as part of their program. It is all about finding the right fit for you.
  • What can players expect to receive at the event?
    Attending players can expect to showcase their skills individually and play in a game setting in front of multiple attending college coaches. Players perform individually at their position, hit live on the field, receive instruction from College Coaches, and play in a prospect game with and against top recommended players. In addition to performing in front of colleges, players can expect: Online Player Recruiting Profile - Player Video and Data accessed by College Coaches across the country via our College Coaches Dashboard. Video of Performance + Data Results - Independently verified by colleges in attendance and uploaded to each Player's College Profile. Jersey Top
  • Do you guarantee College Coaches on site?
    We typically have 10+ College Coaches on the field evaluating and instructing. We also have colleges in attendance that come to scout, but will not take part in activities on the field. We promote our events to college coaches across the country via an extensive online RSVP process. 100+ Schools have RSVP'd for player info/results from the MW Select Softball Series. We typically start our RSVP process in March of each calendar year. We also understand that College Coaches do not have the budget, nor the time, to cover every event across the country. Therefore, each player receives an Online Player Recruiting Profile in which Player Video and Data from our events are accessed by College Coaches across the country via our College Coaches Dashboard. We also have additional avenues to promote our players via online platforms thru partners such as Coach Packet and Next College Student Athlete.
  • Are all activites seen by the College Coaches?
    Yes! We keep all activities on a single field in order to put a spotlight on each individual when they are hitting, running, throwing, and playing in a game. We also record performance videos for each skill and make those videos available to College Coaches after the event. Players receive a copy of their videos to download and send out to College Coaches of their choice. All event results are also sent to each player and to RSVP'd College Coaches. Finally, player videos are added to our College Coach Dashboard, an online database only available to College Coaches, in which College Coaches can access contact info and view videos and data of each player in the event.
  • What are your Refund and/or Rain Policies?
    We do not give refunds within a 3 week window of the event based on costs associated with planning and execution of each event. Please contact us at with any refund requests. In the case of inclement weather, we will adjust the schedule as needed. Any adjustments made will be done in order to guarantee exposure and interaction with college coaches. These adjustments may include location, showcase workout, and game play. Regardless of any changes made, all events are non-refundable.
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